1. Me and my absolutely beautiful and amazing girlfriend, Meadhbh, off to my Grads (Graduation Ball). We had such an awesome time, thank you so much Hon. (And yes we did ever so slightly cosplay Harley Quinn and Joker)

  2. This is such a random picture to find on Google, pretty cool though!

  3. SLASH

  4. This is how Alter Bridge have helped me through Cancer | By Alon Levin


    Hello Guys.

    My name is Alon Levin.
    I’m a huge fan from Israel (ever since WWE started using your songs back in 2004).
    I’ve had the privilege and honor of being in two concerts that you’ve had (Alter Bridge) in Rock im Park at 2008 and 2014.

    Last year, I’ve been diagnosed with a Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma. This is a rare and violent cancer.

    I wasn’t allowed to get out of my house for 6 months only for the chemo treatments.
    While facing this difficult verdict and side effects, your music has been my ray of light. When songs as ‘Close My Eyes Forever’ played in my head, Myles was screaming at me from my headphones straight to my head ‘Don’t close your eyes, something beautiful is there alive’.
    I can’t really explain how much strength you’ve given me and I beat Cancer last January.

    Unfortunately it’s back right now, in a much severe form. My neck has been already infected along with all inner organs and has already infected my stomach as well.
    This time I’m facing a much brutal treatment while being hospitalized the whole time (approx 6 months - 1 year).

    I’m going in this time much more confident and much stronger.

    I’ll be hearing you a lot, and hopefully, once I’m done beating Cancer’s ass (again), I’ll be coming for a show wherever you’ll be performing, hopefully I’ll even see you in Israel if you’ll be coming over.

    So that’s all for now, I’m adding the whole story (of the first time) to this message if you’d like to read it. It was very viral in Israel back then (The Hebrew version of course).
    Thank you guys for the music, the inspiration and the strength you’re giving me.
    Tell Myles he’s still screaming at me :)

    Take care and thanks for listening!

    Alon Levin.


    If you have a twitter account, please retweet this, to increase the chance the guys see Alon’s tweet.

    Thank you. :)

  5. alterbridgelovers:

    Amazing PRS guitars

    @Credits to owner

  6. Follow Your Dreams

    So I’m 3 weeks into my college course now and it has been the best decision of my life. I’m studying Popular Music: Electric Guitar level 8 honours degree. I’m surrounded by so many great musicians and I’ve learned so so so much already. I’m absolutely wrecked but everyday I get to do what I love doing, playing y guitar. So all I want to say is, anyone out there with a dream, keep following it cause mine is fine coming true after all my hard work. And thank you so much to everyone who helped me follow my dream, my girlfriend Meadhbh, my parents and my sister! Rock on ‘til the end iii];’)

  7. Awesome art by my girlfriend!

    If you want to see some awesome art check out my girlfriends Twitter page!

  8. Rocking out to SLASH’s new album, it’s so freakin awesome!

  9. GN’R

  10. SLASH

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